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KKG Transplant Rules

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Transplanted KKG rules

What is it?
Well in other words its when you get a specific part of another person to allow yourself to achieve powers beyond your birth though generic manipulation such as blood line abilities, generic enhancement etc.But what does it take to get a translate done? Well read below...

~One a person can have an extra KKG transplanted and ONLY ONE EXTRA, even if you already have another KKG ( so in other words a person only has a chance to have MAX of 2. One from a clan during your CHARACTER CREATION and the second FROM GETTING IT IMPLANTED IN YOU)

~If you do get a KKG transplant then YOU CANNOT HAVE A LIMITED TEC

~You MUST have a IC medical nin make the transplant for you in a RPG and they must be at LEAST Jonnin level or higher

~MUST apply for it in the other creations section and have an admin approve it

~You must rpg you retrieving the necessary DNA to have it infused in yourself

~Once you get the KKG you DO NOT get any of the jutsu/abilities for free you must apply for and train for them like everything else

And pretty much that is the jest of things though there are a few key things to note as well with getting a transfusing

-First off in order to get something you MUST take it from an actually a user character NO NPCs!!! please since it be wayyy to easy to meta game

-Now with the whole you need to role play with a medic? Well personally you better hope your medic is skilled in the rpg with enough knowledge to back up who they are actually operating on. If you don’t there are some nasty side effects if they fail the operation.

-Transplant rejection people, when the body rejects the foreign tissues and the immune system attacks it to destroy it, meaning origin failure for your body and having your entire body throw into massive shock from itself. For naruto its the foreign chakra that you also need to be aware about, even if two users share the same element properties they will also often have enough of a differing signature to make it very likely it will reject one another, in other words chakra cancer when the body finds foreign chakra into its systems and it starts to mutate at a rapid pace where it could potently kill you

*Note* It would be of course easier to do transplants from family members that share similar blood and chakra with you but still hard as hell, so it takes less posts to get and is easier to keep yourself alive

Well next question is so what can be transplanted? Well for eyes, arms etc that's easy enough to figure out on your own (example ever uchica in the series) but as for blood line elemental stuff that's a little tricky. First off you need both the heart AND the certain bones like the femur, some of the vertebrae etc etc find out it for yourself (tip: you can ask the clan leader for more advice on that specific clan's kkg). Why you ask? well the chakra properties and the means are in the heart itself while you need the blood to keep circulating though your system.

After words you also have to rpg your recovering time with your medic providing attention as well since the body always needs to readjust its systems. In other words before you can get approved for your addition abilities you need to rpg another topic for recover, describing in detail how you think your body would be dealing with say an extra pair of limbs or an entirely new type of element running though your body ( Ex chakra discharge, uncontrolled shaking, mild mental issues like insanity, bodily weakness etc etc you get the point) and your medic needs to rpg themselves in how they take care of you (Ex produce the immunosuppression to keep the immune system from attacking, applying healing hands to keep your cells from destroy themselves etc etc you figure it out). How long do you think it should be? well we'll say 4000 words.


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