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It has been one hundred years since the end of the fourth Great Shinobi War. The Allied Shinobi Forced successfully killed Madara Uchiha, and Zetsu resulting in the victory of the war. After the war neither Kabuto nor Sasuke Uchiha were ever seen again, both are presumed dead after so many years. The hidden villages currently stand at peace with one another.
Naruto Uzumaki eventualy did become hokage of the hidden leaf, and greatly strengthened the allied force between the leaf and the sand villages. So much so, that they are still allies, from the legacy of peace which was left behind by both Naruto and Gaara.
The villages are flourishing, missions are steadily coming in and more ninja are entering the academy on a regular basis. Clans such as the Uchiha and other lesser known clan have risen again, populating their mother villages with loyal shinobi.
The days of war and strife have long passed and this generation of shinobi know little of the burdens of war.
It is a great time for the shiobi of this land, a time without worry and fear. A time which is perfect for raising the next generation of shinobi.


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