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Giant God Blade: Masamune

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Elite ANBU
Name of Weapon or Item: Giant God Blade: Masamune
Owner: Tanuki Watanabe
Location: sealed away for summoning
Rank: S

Description/Abilities: The Giant God Blade: Masamune is an enormous sword. It literally towers thousands of feet into the air, and is hundreds of feet thick. It is unknown who created the weapon or for what purpose. It doesn't appear to have any special qualities other than being so incredibly large. It also is nigh-unbreakable. It takes someone with godlike strength to swing it. So Tanuki usually just relies on gravity to pull it down.

Appearance: "Masamune: The God Blade" as it is also referred to as, is an enormous sword. One that is thousands of feet tall and hundreds of feet thick. Its blade is nothing remarkable to look at, just a large claymore-like blade. The hilt on the other hand, is a sight to behold. It is varnished out of the purest gold and silver, and it is set with the largest gems ever found.

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