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Speciality Learning Requirements

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Specialty Training

Almost all the shinobi in the manga have the ability to utilize a series of specialties. These specialties can cover a wide base of different battle styles and strategies. Out of the wide range of skills that are shown in the manga, most shinobi with a great deal of experience can utilize three skill areas in total. However like in the manga, most shinobi cannot use all the skills on the same level. Kakashi's primary skill of Ninjutsu is more powerful than his secondary skill of Taijutsu.

How Do I Get New Skills?

New skills are attained through ranking up and training. As you rank up and gain more experience, you'll be able to do more as a ninja and become more versatile. Specialty take time to learn, and a lot of effort should be put into obtaining them. Since specialties require time, we've come up with a ranked based word count system which allows you to gauge what level of specialty usage you can achieve.

Exp. Genin: - 2000w
Chuunin: - 4000w
Jounin and up:- 6000w

Can I Re-train New Skills?

You can get new skills, but it's difficult to train them. It's re-learning everything that your character has made habit with and has practiced for many years. Even though you role-play with a character for months and weeks, they're been practicing ninjutsu all that time in their history and for most Chuunin and Jounin ranks, at least ten years. For this, the difficulty will be reflected in training.

Exp. Genin: - 3000w
Chuunin: - 6000w
Jounin: - 10,000w

The above is for changing your dominant specialty. All recessives are cut at 1/4 the training for dominants per rank. Also, a The Staff will exercise discretion in determining who can apply for what changes. This is to prevent people from making characters and trying to change them because they didn't think their application through enough.


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