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What are Traits?

Traits are unique character related attributes that give your character beyond the norm, they are based around one's history and a character's personality.. These characteristics allow for unique abilities and small quirks. These characteristics can affect your Battle RPs on rare occasion, but they most often apply to Social RPs.

How does one get Traits?

Traits can be made with your character however you are limited to a certain starting amount. You are also allowed to train for these traits In Character

How many traits can we have?

Ninja Rank Max
E-rank: 0 Traits
D-rank: 0 Traits
C-rank: 2 Traits
B-rank: 4 Traits
A-rank: 6 Traits
S-rank: 8 Traits

Your maximum starting amounts

Ninja Rank Max Starting
E-rank: 0 Traits
D-rank: 0 Traits
C-rank: 1 Traits
B-rank: 2 Traits, with one being at the second level
A-rank: 3 Traits, with 1 being at the third level
S-rank: 4 Traits, with 2 being at the third level

Training special characteristics

Now you may wonder if we have a starting maximum for our special characteristic then how do we get the full maximum amount? This is simple, its just like training for jutsu. One will do the training that would classify for one to achieve the special characteristic In Character and if it is good enough one will then be able to get that characteristic.

Ninja Rank What you can train
E-rank: N/A
D-rank: N/A
C-rank: Level One Traits Only
B-rank: Level Two Traits and Below
A-rank: A Max of Two Level Three Traits and Below
S-rank: Up to Level Three Traits and Below

Training Amounts:

Level 1 ~ 400 Words
Level 2 ~ 600 Words
Level 3 ~ 1000 Words

*Note: Traits must be trained at each level starting from 1*

All traits have 3 levels

-Herbalist: You have a specialty for creating potions, the one thing that you are surprisingly well at is creating the necessary herbs to create the necessary mixtures, concoctions and serums. With the skill following with medical ninjutsu, your shinobi can be highly effective.

1. Small time: You are only beginning. The skills that are just honing on to some small herbs to create simple mixtures and concotions that are, at times, neutral, wielding little to no health benefits. However, you are beginning to hold the basic knowledge in creating good herbs and mixing them. C-rank salves are pretty much good for minor wounds and it is still effective during times where a person needs medical assistance

2. Medium herbie. The skills are upon par with the normal herbalist. Your skills are an improvement of the small time days where you had only the basic of knowledge. You know which herbs are suitable for minor to less than serious injuries. Your medicine now can help cure some poisons but of course, not all of them. You can now make poison yourself. How exciting! You can make poisons or healing salves, but nothing above B-Rank. You arent that good yet.

3. Herb King. A master among the masters. The herb king trait is one that you taken, achieving skills that makes you quite a legend. This character (You) have full knowledge of what poisons can quickly kill or cause an excuritating death. You know which herbs for the correct salves in order to fix a deadly poison, your knowledge of where there are S-Rank poisons and salves and below


1. The Apprentice: Through some basic training either by sight alone or through a blacksmith, you are beginning to put two and two together to create items and weapons for yourself. You have the basic of knowledge, making small items, mostly nails and barrel stock. This is because you are un familar with some of the substances that allows you to create better material. Only through time and patience will you succeed towards the next step

2. A metal artist: The skills necessary to create Kunai and shuriken, with some swords (Namely C-B Rank items) are ever so becoming better and better with each time you create a shuriken or a kunai. You're able to identify different types of metals to see what is better for chakra conductiveness and whether it is able to manipulate thoroughly without fault.

3. A True Blacksmith: As a master of your craft, the skills have reached the level of master blacksmiths. The metals that you obtain, you are able to shape kunai, shuriken, swords, tantos, knuchuks, whatever your mind places and what material you have, you can shape it. You are able to identify what is good conductive metals of chakra but you also have knowledge to understand to not only manipulate but make it stronger than what it is. S-rank items/weapons and lower are what you're goood at


1. Beginner: You've just started to show type of speaking skill. It's not your strong suit as of yet but a few people are starting to take notice. Noone takes you seriously besides the old people and the young kids, but people can see you trying.

2. Apprentice. You are quite convincing in some of your missions, and not so much in others. You manage to convince people to surrender without fighting more than half the time. It's not bad, you're beginning to catch the mistakes and you try to adjust to that so that you'll be able to master them later. You're able to see and hear half of the mistakesThe other half... well... you run away.

3. Master. A true man who can advise daimyos, lead armies, and increase the morale of your comrades when death seems to right around the corner. You had learn from past mistakes and know full and well what to say and what not to say. You are the person they send into the middle of a civil war without fear of you dying, because the war will end in a day then


1. The Wall. Never really the one who will dodge away from an attack because really dodging isn't really a think you specifically like to do. Starting out at the basic wall, you have some vitality on you so that you dont' have faint away when you are getting punch and kicked. You can't take on too much damage. you're still human. You're still learning to take more damage and thus gain a 10% Damage reduction.

2. The Juggernaut. (Insert Joke Here). Your vitality have greatly improved Not bad, you can take much more damage. It takes a good amount of time for you to be taken down without you feeling the innate pain that will reach to your nerves and to your body itself. Because you understand pain, you're able to determine what will cause your opponent to fall. You have some knowledge on what force that'll send a person hurling over 20% Damage reduction.

3. The Unmovable Force. Through sheer willpower and adaptation rate, you are able to take on a surprising amount of damage without you falling over. Your body alone is able to take on damage from some chakra enhanced strength but of course by now, you have an understanding that taking on more will definitely get you far worse than hurt. You understand pain entirely as if it was a friend of yours that you can rely on. You and pain have a contract and you are able to deliver a great amount of pain towards your enemies. You can take alot of damage. 30% Damage

-Safe House

1. The Tunnel: It's amazing that you're actually starting to help out criminals. It's not the wisest to actually go to you but you at least give some protection. You have a place that is somewhat remote. people have some suspicion about it but really they dont question it unless they see that you're holding on a very dangerous criminal. It'll be wise to be cunning while trying to help your criminals

2. The Underground Conductor: You're beginning to find better and more suitable spots to hide criminals. They are less obvious and of course, hidden away from the public. You have a knowledge of hiding in plain sight but you don't test that out yet, you're still a long ways ahead before pulling off that kind of stunt. Those who try to track the criminals have a harder time tracking

3. The Invisble One: You literally are like a shadow, an unexplain phenomenon that say you were here in country but another person might say you were here in another. You have connections between hideouts, information leading you about security of each village and understand the full knowledge of hiding in plain sight and being unseen within the crowd. Trackers have the most difficult time trying to find you or those you hide


1. Schoolyard Liar: You could probably get away from stealing from a candy store and tell that you weren't there but the probability of that happen is about fourty percent. You're beginning to understand the psychology of people, you're just starting to make up stories whether imaginative or not, you're only just learning the basics. You are able to pick up form other liars how to form good lies.

2. Expressionless Liar: You have a serene calm on your face, you'r able to lie through your teeth at times. Depending on the situation you are in, you are able to get away sixty if not seventy-five percent of the time. However, those who are able to read through the lies are able to determine whether you are lying or not so watch what you say

3. The Prince of Lies: You are calm as you lie through your teeth; in honesty, you are considered tranquil. You hare able to lie through your teeth and able to remain calm through your body like a professional. Only those that could rip into your mind could ever try to find the truth upon the subject but your words are like absolute butter being melted.


1. The mental door: You have a good enough mind to block out things from the simplest of readers and are able to hide your emotions unless you come in contact with those who are able to read you clearly. You're beginning to understand the psychology of your own emotions (interpersonal) and you try to keep it at lock so that you're able to focus on somethings but it is not hard for you to lose focus

2. The mental blockade: The mind has begun creating walls over the emotions that you have, you appear to have a cold appearance and at times, you radiate a aura of distance. People have a hard time reading you, not only through a personal perspective but your physical perspective as well. A person might have a difficult time in reading you as an opponent, your next move is very hard to predict.

3. The mental fortress: The walls are not only around your conscious but your sub-conscious and your soul. You are able to hide yourself from even some of the best readers out there. It's not impossible for someone to not be able to read you but the likely hood of that happening is very slim chance. Your movements almost seem foreign to those unable to read you.


1. The Mind Reader: You are beginning to understand the psychology of intrapersonal (social) people and you are able to read through many of the basics of lies and through basic mental walls that people put up. It's only the beginning and you are swiftly able to learn peoples lies and walls

2. The Psychologist: You can moderately tell when people are lying. Moderately as to say you can easily see through the basic lies, some lies that when added up, it doesn't make sense. Your deduction skills are increasing. Your able to see patterns in peoples attacks, not all but few that you know the'll probably make adjustments to yourself.

3. A Grand Author: A man who can see past even the greatest of lies. His deduction skills are almost near flawless and it is almost impossible to pass a lie off without out some sort of major deception that the grand author cannot pick up at the time. Even then, The grand author is the enemy to the mental fortress trait and the prince of lies trait. It isn't superior however, some grand authors can't ready other mental fortress and some Prince of lies can decieve grand authors but the chances of that are low.


1. Toolsmen Ah, you're just starting to create things such as chairs, stools, desk, things of small nature. They aren't sturdy you see but they are somewhat design and through your imagination, you were able to create it simple things. You're able to recieve a bit of a discount, 5%, towards items that are related to housing material

2. Home Improvement:You've built sheds and new rooms on your house, additionally, your skill has improved as a planner. You're able to invision a goal and be able to complete it. 10% discount among any housing supplies and other materials

3. Home Makeover You can build houses with ease, your mastery from simple chairs have gone to full on scale pools, intricate design furniture and large spacious rooms. 25% discount on housing supplies and other related materials.


1. Piggy Jar: You're beginning to understand that you have to save up on money. For whatever reason, whether selfish intention you have, you're beginning to convince the person who hands out your pay to give you full pay. With this trait, it allows you to recieve it without any harsh benefits. So it's a good start

2. A True Hoader: You recieve money from the last pay but no, that's not good enough. You need more money and you know that you convince the man who pays you, he could at least slip some money under the table. Your convincing has paid off and you now recieve an extra 5% from missions. (Mod discretion)

3. The Bank: Call it selfishness but what you have is just not enough (will it ever) so you have use much of your persuasion skills to convince them to give you more. You already have alot of money, and now scrounge for every little thing thats worth something. But you've been completing missions and recieve 10% more mission payments

-Skilled Learner

1. The Practicioner: a student who has determination. You are starting into the world of the shinobi and seeing that the one way to get stronger is by practice, you put that into your mental philosophy and decide that it's time for you start up on some things. Your practices are a bit infrequent, your muscles need time to rest because you're just learning

2. The Undeterred: You have practiced so much you have developed a routine. This routine allows you to adapt with your muscles, so you're less fatigue than with most. Your chakra is starting to become balance and because of that, you have 25% less word req when training jutsu

3. The Formidable:You have practiced so freaking much its not funny. You have complete understanding of how to not overcompensate with how much your body does and when it gets sore, you're able to recover a bit faster. Your chakra is also very controlled as well and with that 50% word count decrease for training.


1. The small fry gardener: You have started gardening. How exciting, it may seem like a boring hobby but with those who have some knowledge, they are able to plant the basic of plants to not only increase some value upon there housing but create simple foods such as tomatoes. You are able to plant simple herbs as well

2. The advanced gardener: You are beginning to find more and more plants for you to not only plant but also study for research. With the increase of knowledge, you'll know what plants are good for your housing, what are good vegetables and fruits to plant, what trees are suitable in weather and what herbs that can be sold to herablist.

3. The Horticulturist: The mastery of understanding what plants are necessary for the soil to become more fertile, what is the best plant for the climate, which plants can be edible if a person is stuck in the wilderness, what herbs can be sold to herbalist or the markest. You are a master among the masters of horticulture and you can teach other gardners as well.


1. Basic Knowledge: This trait is for those who are beginning to gain knowledge over one or two fields. With basic knowledge, they are novice, only knowing the easiest parts of such trade. They have the knowledge able to reconize

2. Expert Knowledge: They have trained there mind to know more on the field of speciality and have begun to know more about the specialities of others. Experts have known well enough how to adjust accordingly to a situation and how to retaliate when it is necessary.

3. Master of Knowledge: Through many training sessions and through those years, the experience is etch into the long term memory of the character. They have the supreme of knowledge over their fields, they have a good amount of knowledge over most if not all other specialities and are easily able to reconize them without flaw.


1. The simple inventor: It has to start from nothing. You are beginning to see ideas form in your head but the necessary skill to put those ideas into action are either too complex and you dont have enough skill for it or it's just out of your reach. That isn't to say you can't give up, you have to start from somewhere. You aren't scared to venture out past a few limitations. You are able to get the general view of things and seeing that, you are able to list a few strengths and weaknesses but not all of them (Techniques and items, D-rank)

2. The grand inventor: You have the skills and tools necessary to complete your ideas and put them in solid, concrete plans that are stable and long lasting. You are able to create things of simple ease (Techniques and items B-rank and lower). You know the sky is the limit for you at this point and you are beginning to see that your ideas have spawn from nothingness to something great.

3. The Creator: Your skills are par none, it is amazing how you had grown from the simplest ideas to grand works of creative genius. The skills of the character hasn't just reach the pinnacle of its limit yet, creating things is as easy as breathing. The skills allow your character to not only create things with simple ease (Techniques and/or items creation S-rank throughout) but you are able to teach and help others create items as well (The Creator can help other creators, Grand Inventors and Simple Inventors within there limitations)


1. Aggressive Speaker: You see the movies, you like it when the good guys start to interrogate the prisoner so that they can tell you the information needed. Unfortunatly, at the moment, you're just a beginner. You're not that intimidating, your interrogation skills are little basic than norm. You have some techniques that could work on a genin or so, but the techniques would not even make a higher level person twitch. Thought, it's not impossible. You gotta start from somewhere

2. Mind Torturer: Your torturing techniques are rather improved. You can make the mildest of of strong wills to break and you are able to get the information you need to get by. It's a large step ahead when you know how the mind words and your beginning to understand the psychology of interpersonal and intrapersonal attributes of the human mind. The torture skills are still increasing and you are beginning to try new tricks

3. The King of all torment: Among the usual of cases, people try to avoid getting captured by you. This isn't to say that you aren't good, but it's to say that you are so good at your job that a glance in your eye makes people confess about the information you need. You are able to see through mental walls and liars all the same with either mental tormentation or physical tormentation. You rather enjoy it now seeing that you understand fully about the psychology of the mind. Not only that, but you mastered the understanding of the physiological aspect of the body, meaning you have known facts about how to torment them without even having to speak, just torturing there body will be enough to make them cough up


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