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Item Templates

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1Item Templates Empty Item Templates on Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:01 pm


Name of Weapon or Item:
Owner: Which character this weapon/item belongs to. (If you could link us to your character with URL tags, that'd be great.)
Location: Where this weapon/item is usually at on said character or where it should be if your character does not normally carry it with them.
Rank: E - S (Generally this will apply to non-normal weapons with several enhancements such as a spirit dwelling within it or so forth. E, D, C, B, A, or S, with S being the highest and E being the lowest.)

Description/Abilities: Describe what your weapon/item does and if it has an specific abilities that make it a unique weapon, please explain so here (and use the Jutsu Template if needed) At B rank and above this should have 150w or more.

Appearance: Briefly describe what your weapon/item looks like with at least a paragraph. A picture will suffice. (If its a big image, put it in spoiler tags and if it runs off the page just put in a link instead.) Optional, a picture will suffice most of the time, but a good description wouldn't hurt.

-You may have Weaponry as a spec to utilize chakra condensing weapons, and such weapons that are B Ranked, depending on the ranking of your own character.
- Customized items will follow the listing down below in weapons that you can use. Ex. S rank without weaponry can create two B Ranked items, which will take away the B ranked slots he has if he uses them.

[b][u]Name of Weapon or Item[/b][/u]:



E-rank = Basic ninja gear and very basic equipment with no abilities
D-rank = Longer weaponry such as swords, bows & arrows, etc.which a normal ninja may have, with little or no abilities.
C-rank = Items with minor abilities and/or items constructed from rare materials.
B-rank = Items that are chakra conductive and have minor effects such as coating with chakra to produce varying effects. (i.e. Asuma's Knuckle Knives, Sasuke's Kusanagi, etc.)
A-rank = Items that hold their own abilities, such as draining chakra, creating lightning bolts, etc.
S rank =These are legendary and rare items with either major effects or unbreakable material such as solid diamond, etc.]

Note: This only applies to battle related items. All items that are not battle related do not count towards this.

Without Weaponry as a specialty
E ranks: A total of 1 weapon/item of E rank or below.

D/C ranks: A total of up to 3 weapons/items majority being D rank or below, with a maximum of 1 at the C rank level.

B ranks: A total of up to 5 weapons/items majority being D rank and below with a maximum of 4 at the C rank level

A ranks: May possess 7 weapons/items majority being C rank and below with up to 1 B rank.

S ranks: May possess 10 weapons/items majority being C rank and below with up to 2 B rank.


Weaponry as recessive
C ranks: A total of 5 weapons/items of up to C rank

B ranks: May possess 7 weapons/items up to B rank

A ranks: May possess 10 weapons/items up to A Rank

S ranks: May possess 14 weapons/items and up to 1 S rank


Weaponry as dominant
E ranks: A total of 2-3 weapons/items of E rank or below with up to one being D rank.

D ranks: A total of 8 weapons/items majority being D rank or below, with a maximum of 2 at the C rank level.

C ranks: A total of 12 weapons/items majority being C rank and below with a maximum of 2 at the B rank level

B ranks: May possess 16 weapons/items majority being B rank and below with up to 2 A rank.

A ranks: May possess 20 weapons/items majority being A rank and below with 1 being S rank

S ranks: May possess 25 weapons/items majority being A rank and below with 2 being S rank

Puppet Template

Name: [The name of your puppet.]
Rank: [D-S]
Appearance: [Describe your puppet, in detail.]
Type: [Attack/Defense]
Master: [The Owner in a URL Link if possible]
Weapon Slots: [Puppets may only have 5 weapons max. Describe the location and capabilities of each weapon]
Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

History: [How you obtained the puppet, at least one paragraph (150 words).]

-Keep in mind that users with puppetry as a dominant specialty may only have a total of 12 puppets, with 4 puppets per rank.
-Those with puppetry as a recessive specialty may only have a total of 4 puppets, with 1 puppet per rank.

[b][u]Weapon Slots[/b][/u]:
[i][u]Slot 1[/i][/u]:
[i][u]Slot 2[/i][/u]:
[i][u]Slot 3[/i][/u]:
[i][u]Slot 4[/i][/u]:
[i][u]Slot 5[/i][/u]:


Human Puppet Rules

No starting with human puppets.
Only S ranks can possess human puppets.
No more than 1 human puppet per character.
Hitokugutsu is a Ninjutsu technique used by puppet master Sasori. This technique allows Sasori to make a puppet which can contain and use chakra. Sasori does this by making a living human into a puppet. This puppet will maintain the same chakra its original body held when alive. If the original ninja was highly skilled, its puppet can retain these abilities as well. Even the ninja unique body traits will be passed on to its puppet form. Thus Sasori can still use all the original jutsu the ninja once utilized.

Must be known to create human puppets.
Only a PC killed by the Puppet user can become a human puppet.
A human puppet can only possess a maximum of 5 techniques with one Being S rank and 2 being A rank.

Poison Rules

Poisons are limited to puppetry/medical users.
Poisons can only be used by C Rank Nin and higher
Shinobi can only use poisons equal to, or below their rank
All poisons are C rank & above.

C rank: Poisons at the C rank level cause effects varying from minor pains and aches. They are limited to physical effects only, but may not attack the bodies systems. Effects include (but are not limited to): Rashes, Drowsiness, burns, upsetting the senses and aches and pains.

B rank: Poisons at the B rank level cause effects which include, serious external injuries and minor internal and systemic injuries.

A rank: A rank poisons are capable of causing lasting internal and external damage if not treated. For example; comas, system and body decay, blindness, etc.

S rank: Any poison which will cause death to the target if not treated is S rank. Additionally, no poison can kill a target unless it is A or S rank.

Poison Template

Name: [The name of the poison]
Rank: [The rank of the poison: E-S]
Appearance: [Describe the color, the state[Liquid/Solid or Gas] and any other aspects of the poison.]
Description: [Describe the effects of the poison by post count] (add more rounds in the same style if needed)

Infection Round:
Round One:
Round Two:


[i][b][u]Infection Round[/u][/i][/b]:
[i][u]Round One[/i][/u]:
[i][u]Round Two[/i][/u]:


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