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Senju Clan

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The Senju Clan

Senju Clan Senju

Name: Senju Clan
Location: Konohagakure
Current Clan Leader: None
Clan Members: Ryosuki

History:The Senju clan was descended from the younger of the two brothers chosen by the Sage of the Six Paths to inherit the way of the ninja. He was born with the "body" of the sage, and he believed that love was the key to peace. This led to the sage choosing him as his successor causing his older brother to attack him out of hatred. Eventually, the Uchiha clan was descended from this older brother and resulted in the bitter rivalry of the Senju and Uchiha.

The Senju clan gained their fame in the era before the founding of the hidden villages. Where other clans focused on mastering one particular skill, the Senju were masters in all skills, from ninjutsu, to taijutsu, to genjutsu. Because of this, they were feared as "the clan with a thousand skills", which gave them their name Senju ("a thousand skills", "a thousand hands"). The most famous member of the clan was their leader, Hashirama Senju. His unique Wood Release ninjutsu even gave the clan the nickname the Senju clan of the Forest . This Wood Release, and his ability to control the tailed beasts, made him the greatest shinobi of his time. The Senjus' place at the top of the shinobi world was undisputed, but there was one clan that was able to stand up to them: the Uchiha clan. Whenever one country hired the Senju, their enemies would hire the Uchiha, and vice versa. This led to a rivalry between the two clans and, more specifically, between the leaders of the clans, Hashirama and Madara Uchiha.

However, in a world of constant bloodshed, Hashirama had a dream of peace, and a great love for his fellow men. Known as the "Will of Fire" , this belief made the Senju clan propose a truce to the Uchiha clan. Weary of fighting, and persuaded by Hashirama's great charisma and negotiation abilities, the Uchiha accepted, ending their bloody rivalry. Only Madara was against this truce, believing the Senju would one day destroy the Uchiha clan. He was forced to accept, but his humiliation wouldn't end there.

Some time after the alliance between the Senju and the Uchiha was signed, the Land of Fire hired them to stabilize its borders, and the clans created a permanent settlement within the country. Thus, Konohagakure was founded, and, with it, the system of one Hidden Village per country. As the system spread throughout the world, the constant violence stopped, and Hashirama's dream began to become a reality. From that point on the Senjuu have been highly revered in Konoha as one of their great families and some of the most powerful ninja in their ranks.
Special Info:

Requirements: Must have Water and Earth elements.

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Mokuton Creation
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Advanced Element
Rank: D-S

Description: The Senju clan has the ability of the manipulation of the advanced element wood, or "Mokuton". They achieve this by having complete balance with two elements: Earth and Water. By combining these two chakra and implementing them into jutsu they can create wood or manipulate preexisting wood. By converting chakra into the source of life, senju areble to create trees, cause them to grow to great sizes, and manipulate them to diverse shapes and battle uses at will. It was said this ability was used to create the very landscape and foundation that Konoha is built on.


Name of Jutsu: Wood Clone
Rank: D
Users: Senju Clan
Type of Jutsu:: Ninjutsu
Element Affinity: Wood
Training Link: -
Description: The Wood Clone Technique simply makes up to a few clones made of wood that emerges from the body of the user. The clones can be as simple in function as a wooden dummy for use in the Body Replacement Technique. More complex clones can travel far distances from the user and are able to communicate with the original


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