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Chain of Command

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1Chain of Command Empty Chain of Command on Wed Apr 25, 2012 11:23 pm


The "chain of command" so to speak is that any characters of any rank can discuss plot together in the plot talk section. However and plot that could potentially effect more than just those involved with the actual rpers (either directly or indirectly) must be first suggested to the kage of their village, and must gain kage approval.

When teams are formed the kage/village leader will create a thread in the "team life" section of your village and name it "Team [insert team # here]" This thread will be your base of operations, so to speak. You can do everyday rp and training rp here. It will also be the thread the kage will post in if your team is assigned a mission (Kages have the right to interrupt any team rp and assign the team a mission, just as in Naruto the Kage can interrupt any team and assign them a mission)

Mission rps will C rank and above will be held in a separate thread created by the village kage, or mod in charge of supervision. D rank missions and lower can be rped in your main thread.


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