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Ryoichi ~ Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) clan

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1Ryoichi ~ Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) clan Empty Ryoichi ~ Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) clan on Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:48 pm


Elite ANBU
Summoned Creature: Ryoichi - a tanuki (Raccoon Dog)
Rank: D
Appearance: A short dog with a slim face like a raccoon's, and black stripes and patterns that resemble a raccoon. With a blue bandanna tied around his neck, and two bracelets on his front legs. His leaf headband is nestled under his bandanna.
not exactly what he looks like, but heres a tanuki -
Ryoichi ~ Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) clan Japanesetanuki
Description: Ryoichi is a tanuki, or otherwise known as a raccoon dog. He is only one of the tanukis that the Watanabe clan regularly summon. He is young and a pretty weak summon at this point. He does have a fun personality and tries his hardest. Even though he knows he sucks compared to the other tanukis. There is one particular tanuki he has an ongoing rivalry with.
Jutsu: None currently

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Summoned Creature: the name of the creature summoned
Rank: E, D, C, B, A, or S with S being the strongest.
Appearance: At least one paragraph detailing what your creature looks like or an image will suffice. Big images are to be put in spoiler tags and images extending the page should just be linked.
Description: A brief one paragraph (150 words) explanation of what your creature is, their past, their abilities, their personality, etc.
Jutsu: If your summoned creature has any jutsus please post them here. Follow the Jutsu Template.

This form is for the actual physical contract scroll

Name: what is the scroll called
Species: this is where you would place Tanuki
Location: where is it kept
Required Sacrifice:[Usually blood]
Client(s): anyone who ever signed the contract
Contract Holder: the person who is taking care of/holding the contract


3Ryoichi ~ Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) clan Empty Re: Ryoichi ~ Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) clan on Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:25 pm


Elite ANBU
kk so i only have to use the top one to make him? or? how do i tell you that he is contracted with Tanuki? :3

is it good now? :3

4Ryoichi ~ Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) clan Empty Re: Ryoichi ~ Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) clan on Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:02 pm


well, since the tanuki is a new summon species....
4: To learn a previously un-contracted summon you must visit the summon's society and get a contract through forming a bond with the summons.

also you need to fill out the form for the contract scroll. You'll know that she's contracted because she's listed under clients. That means she has a contract with all the Tanuki, including Ryochi.


5Ryoichi ~ Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) clan Empty Re: Ryoichi ~ Tanuki (Raccoon Dog) clan on Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:35 pm


Elite ANBU
lol lets see.. if i can figure it out.. maybe you could fill it out for me so i can figure it out ? XD

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