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Yusai Blade

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Elite ANBU
Name of Weapon or Item: Yusai Blade
Owner: Shichirou Ikeda
Location: Sealed away so it can be summoned.
Rank: S

Description/Abilities: The Yusai Blade used to belong to a very well-known lord, long ago, and was created by a legendary blacksmith. Eventually Masahiro was awarded it on a mission, involving the Lord and his rescue. At the time of Masahiro's death, he gave the blade to Shichirou, entrusting the sword to his temporary student.

The Yusai Blade is a very well-made sword, that is abnormally difficult to break. It also has the ability to cut "chakra". Using one's own spiritual energy and chakra, the Yusai Blade can cut Chakra instead of flesh. The effects of this on an opponent are immediately visible. With their chakra cut, the opponent can't use ninjutsu, or any techniques, and usually spells the end of the battle for the enemy. If the user wishes they can use this affect, otherwise its just a normal sword.

Appearance: (The blade)
Yusai Blade Hosokawa

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Approved! XD


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