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Sharingan Rules

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The Sharingan

Sharingan Rules 3910593373_72b203e2e1

As the basis of the Uchiha clan, it is fitting that these be covered first. First off, Uchiha have a limited amount of time that they are able to use their active Sharingan, determined by their skill level and sometimes other personal factors. The number of tomoe also features into this heavily, which is also determined by the Uchiha's skill level.

Here is a quick run-down of the different effects of the various Tomoe...

One Tomoe: Enables the vision of the chakra system in a very generally manner, able to see the flow internal chakra of other ninja and able to detect disturbances in it. It also grants the ability to see chakra placed within objects.

Two Tomoe: Enables the ability to notice genjutsu by detecting changes in chakra that reveal the presence of Genjutsu. The eye must be activated at this stage before the genjutsu is used for this to take effect. The Sharingan does not see through genjutsu, rather notice it. The user may op to copy it and counter by breaking it. This enables copy counter functions of taijutsu and genjutsu only. (See genjutsu rules)

Three Tomoe: Enables the user to detect muscle tensions and body position to predict the attacks of an opponent before they perform them. This can also be used to track handsigns and copy them, enabling effective copying of a jutsu assuming the Uchiha can use the jutsu being performed. This enables the Uchiha to see the muscle movements, but please be aware that anticipating something does not automatically make you able to dodge it. You still have to have the time and ability to react to attacks, ignoring such things is considered God Mod. This enables copy counter functions of ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu (and/or any other applicable jutsu)

Mangekyou: This is not so much a tomoe as an advanced form of Sharingan all-together, but it has been included here as it is fitting. Obtaining the Mangekyou Sharinigan requires a few things, so before you even attempt to claim having it you must be aware of the following:
~You must witness, or induce, the death of a close friend.
~The site defines a close friend as one who is either mentioned in your history for a substantial part of your life time (more than a year) or someone you have been in more than three topics with that have furthered your friendship (judged by the Staff.)
~In the case of witnessing, you do not gain Mangekyou automatically, and must do a 6000 word training topic before you are able to achieve it, in which you dwell on their death and use it as fuel to unlock the latent potential of your Sharingan.

After you've obtained Mangekyou, you may be wondering about the techniques. The canon techniques are not allowed for use and instead you may make your own techniques. You may have one Genjutsu technique, one Ninjutsu, and one Special Summoning. Each of these will drain from your chakra heavily (dependent on jutsu).

With it great power, the Mangekyou has a great weakness. As soon as the user awakens the Mangekyou Sharingan by meeting the requirements, they also gain a greater weakness which directly affects the ocular jutsu itself. Upon awakening Mangekyou Sharingan, the ocular jutsu will begin to seal itself, progressing towards darkness. If one attains the Mangekyou they may not notice the effects within their life time by not using it, but the more the Mangekyou are used the quicker they become sealed.

After the first five uses, the eyes will bleed and cause damage to sight. The user will see a small overlay as double visions slowly begins. This is affective during all levels of Sharingan and normal sight itself. This affects the ability of sight accuracy, accuracy will always be slightly off.

After ten uses, the double vision will grow and vision will fade. The double vision splits among half of a normal persons body, and the eyes fade to a point where depth perception becomes hard to judge. Accuracy issues increase. The user will miss more often than not. It will also be difficult to judge distance, the user may judge a foot less or foot more never completely correct.

At the fifteenth use the users Mangekyou is sealed entirely. They loose the ability to use tomoe at all. They will will develop triple vision and loose the majority of their accuracy. Depth perception becomes extremely difficult and judging distances will always be off by a meter or two based on sight alone. The haze makes all objects appear undefined as if they are in a mist. The sight will be more darker and completely black at night. The user may opt to use it one more time at a final sixteenth post (which allows them to see normally while using it) but afterwards they will be completely blind. The darkness will swallow all light. Please be aware that each technique counts as one usage.

Please be aware that using the Mangekyou abilities requires the appropriate specialties. You must have Ninjutsu and Genjutsu to use the corresponding abilities, Summoning is the only technique that does not require any specific specialty to utilize. Upon achieving Mangekyou you will not change specialties, so plan ahead of time or get your specialty switched if you intend to ever use Mangekyou.

A note on using the Sharingan: The Sharingan consumes a D rank amount of chakra per post, disregarding which tomoe is active.

Obtaining Tomoe

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Obtaining the Sharingan tomoe is a relatively simple process. First things first, be aware that there are limits about how many tomoe you are usually allowed to unlock. Genin with three tomoe is generally a no, so don't bother trying to have that on your application, if you get it it'll be in RP.

Uchiha do not start with their unlocked Sharingan, instead gaining it through mental stress or trauma. For each traumatic incident, usually a tomoe is unlocked, though if the incident is severe enough the Uchiha may 'skip' to higher levels of tomoe.

You cannot unlock three tomoe through your character history, this much be unlocked through actual role-playing based traumatic experiences. Also, be realistic, its pretty obvious to tell when you just set things up to gain a tomoe.

Starting Sharingan Limits:
Genin: No Tomoe
Chuunin: 1 Tomoe
Jounin: 2 Tomoe

When copying elemental ninjutsu you must have the affinity for it. The same applies with any other jutsu, you must be able to physically do it and meet the requirements.

If you wish to copy a Taijutsu style, you not only need to copy it from a Taijutsu user, but you must do a full training thread to learn the style. This should be over 2000 words.

MS Template

Name of Technique:
Residing Eye:
Ability Description:
Mangekyou Appearance:

Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan

Sharingan Rules Sharingan_Set_2_by_newalex

Unlike the previous forms of Sharingan, the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan is a new ocular jutsu in its own right. By changing hosts, the sealed Mangekyou gains an eternal light. The requirements are that the user must take another Mangekyou of a fellow Uchiha. This allows the hosts to change properly as it cannot be done with just a regular Sharingan. The power obtained by the Eternal Mangekyou will seperate the user from oridnary ninja to beyond legendary.

Demon Contract - The ability of the Mangekyou is to control the Kyuubi and further grows. The Eternal Mangekyou allows the user one new boss summon of a particular demon (not bijuu). The Demon will have no abilities, it will essentially be another contract but the demon will be used instead of something like a toad to show the monstrous nature of the Eternal Mangekyou's Power.

New Eye Technique - For now the user will gain one extra eye technique. It can only be another ninjutsu or genjutsu.


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