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Roleplaying Rules

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As well as other RP sites, there are a set of rules which we all must abide by to make RPing the best for everyone. To give you the best experience here at Shinobi Reality, we have devised a list of easy rules which will make RPing here great. These rules will ensure that everyone has a fair chance at RPing and is treated equally. From genin to Kage, everyone is required to follow these rules to make Shinobi Reality the most realistic place for Naruto Rping

Roleplay Rules

Post size
Sometimes you can't burst out a 800 word post every time. The situation in topics changes frequently and it's hard to keep a set amount of words. However, in no circumstance are you allowed to post a one liner. Don't even try to think up of an excuse. The minimum requirement is at least 150 words. Please do not post by the minimums all the time unless you have never RPed before, and even then you can't post with minimums that often.

English is the main language of Shinobi Reality so we would appreciate it if everyone could use proper English. This includes proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. We realize not even native English speakers are proficient in English, so we're just asking if you try your best. If you really have a hard time with grammar, spelling and punctuation, open up Word before posting and copy/paste your post. Word will attempt to fix all grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. If you do not speak English well or it isn't your native language then try your best. We will work with you.

Do not post in any weird formats or odd colors that make it impossible to read your post. Usually you can use color or bolds and italics to format your post normally, but to do not be excessive. Use a few formats to make your post easy and visually pleasing to read.

Do not god-mod. You cannot be all powerful. Your character will have weaknesses and limitations that prevent it from doing certain things. A counter exists to near everything in the Naruto world, and no one can be a perfect shinobi. Even Pain who was one of the strongest shinobi in the entire manga, still had weaknesses. His body was weak and frail, and he lacked mobility. If you're caught god modding you will be punished.

Do not meta game. Simply put, meta gaming is knowing something that your character doesn't know. At Shinobi Reality, we allow you to have any number of topics but this doesn't mean you can meta-game. If you started a topic on Thursday and then a new one on Friday, until the Thursday topic is complete your character as of Friday will not know anything your character learned on Thursday. This also relates to character history or famous characters. You do not know their life story or all of their jutsu etc, unless an event allows you to know them. You're not allowed to just pick up a textbook and learn everything about a person.

This falls under the same basic rule of of god modding. Say you do an attack and your character doesn't move for their post and you continue your attack. That doesn't mean your jutsu will necessarily hit. For instance, everyone thought Rock Lee was fast enough to dodge Gaara's sand after he moved the weights. After using that much speed for his technique he couldn't move and could only block his sand for a while. Just because your opponent does a certain action that you don't think will work doesn't mean you can auto-hit them. The only exception to auto-hitting is Kage Levels vs Genin, and even then it's usually for sparring or comedic like battles. Sometimes characters will ask you if it's OK to auto-hit your character. For instance a Sakura type character might want to god-mod a Naruto type character so she can hit him. Usually god-modding in that sense is done for comedy and poses no serious battle threats. Sakura might punch Naruto in one page, but the bruise is gone on the next.

If you're a really good RPer or fighter you really won't do this. You won't power-play on another character. Power-playing is essentially like god modding. People that power-play make their attacks seem like they are extremely powerful and can't be dodged or blocked by their opponent. This is not allowed and will get you into serious trouble. If you have a technique and you use it on a level that it shouldn't be used on and try to power-play yourself into winning a battle or mission you will be punished.

The Naruto World
This is a Naruto text-based RPG. This is not a Bleach, or One Piece or super-futuristic world RPG. It's OK to bring some elements of other RPs into a storyline, but keep it Naruto. For instance, Claymore features a story based around a mafia organization. Creating a mafia and calling them the "Vongola" family will be allowed. It's Shinobi Reality for a reason, so lets keep it about the Naruto world. This doesn't mean you can't get ideas from other Manga and bring them here. Just ask your self, "Could this be done in a Naruto setting?

Posting Requirements
Due to each rank requiring a high aptitude for Role Playing, and needing to keep to these standards, each rank will have a minimum word count. This will be required for ALL In-Rp posts. Failure to do so may result in demotions.

Genin: Minimum of 100 words per post.
Chuunin: Minimum of 200 words per post.
Jounin: Minimum of 300 words per post.
Kage/S-Rank: Minimum of 400 words per post.

~Only under special circumstances may these word counts be exempt, if you are following the tutorial you will come to the page wich specifies the requirements this.


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