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Animal Creation Guide

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Animal Creation Guide Scroll_by_not_ton-2

Summoning Guide and Template

There are several rules for about summons, both in relation to the summons themselves and obtaining contracts.
1: In order to summon anything you must possess the summoning technique:
Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Technique wrote:
Name of Jutsu:Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Technique
Rank: Depends on the summon
Users: Naruto, Jiraiya, Kakashi, Orochimaru, Sandaime, Tayuya, Kidoumaru, Temari, Guy, Tsunade, Sakon, Ukon, Yondaime Hokage
Type of Jutsu::Supplementary
Element Affinity:N/A
Training Link:
Description:A powerful jutsu, Ninpo Kuchiyose allows a ninja to summon animals, objects and the dead to fight on their behalf. The ninja normally signs a blood contract with the animal species, which allows him to summon different size and skill levels of creature. To summon the creature the ninja will wipe blood on the hand, perform the necessary handseals and then touch their hand to the ground or another object

2: You may only have ONE type of summon per character. You are not required to have a summon, but you are not permitted to have more than one type, no exceptions. [This means you may have multiple summons per character, but they may only be one specific type of animal, rather than several different types.]
3: If the summon you wish to have is already contracted by another member, you must learn it from them.
4: To learn a previously un-contracted summon you must visit the summon's society and get a contract through forming a bond with the summons.

Summoning Limitations:
Summons cannot be learned by anyone below C rank.
C-Ranks can summon 2 D-Ranks or 1 C-Rank animals.
B-Ranks can summon 4 animals. [with any variation of ranks[available to them], but only 1 B-rank summon].
A-Ranks can summon 6 animals. [with any variation of ranks [available to them], but only 2 A-rank summons].
S-Ranks can only Summon 8 animals. [with any variation of ranks, but only 1 S-rank summons].
A C-rank summon and below may 3 have jutsu, A B-rank summon may have 5 jutsu. An A-rank summon may have 7 jutsu. Finally a S-rank summon may have 10 jutsu in total.
A summons jutsu rank may not exceed its own rank
A summon is only allowed one element and only one specialty for B and below while A and above may have two each


Rank: E, D, C, B, A, or S with S being the strongest.
Appearance: At least one paragraph detailing what your creature looks like or an image will suffice. Big images are to be put in spoiler tags and images extending the page should just be linked.
Description: A brief one paragraph (150 words) explanation of what your creature is, their past, their abilities, their personality, etc.
Jutsu: If your summoned creature has any jutsus please post them here. Follow the Jutsu Template.

[u][b]Summoned Creature[/b][/u]:


Appearance: The appearance of the contract
Species: The type of animal that the contract is embedded to
Location: The location/possessor of the contract
Required Sacrifice: A sacrifice in order to use the contract [Usually blood unless stated otherwise]
Client(s): Anyone who has ever signed the contract

[u][b]Required Sacrifice:[/b][/u][Usually blood]
[u][b]Client(s): [/b][/u]
[u][b]Contract Holder:[/b][/u]


Rules of Pets/Companions

All pets are to be of at least two ranks lower than there owners own rank.
No pets may utilize chakra unless they are clan based.
All pet based abilities are ones that they naturally have so no ninja-like ability's such as making them a sensor[Unless they have the ability naturally due to there type of animal] Examples of natural abilities is how a Kangaroo has a natural ability to jump higher and powerful leg strength. Also how a bird can fly.
Animals that are clan based may only have jutsu that are of C-rank or below that they can use solo but are able to perform A-rank combinations with there partner. Unless stated otherwise [meaning it can go lower but can not exceed these limits]
Any character with a pet loses the ability to have an NPC
A ninja pet may not utilize elemental jutsu's
No mutated, mythical animals may be considered pets.

All pets that start out with a genin must be of a baby or cub form and will gradually grow as the nin ranks up into teen and even adult hood.

Genin = Cub
Chunin = Teen/Adult (depends on animal for adult)
Jounin = Adult

One pet max unless clan states it otherwise
If you have an Npc you may not have a pet and vice versa.

Clan based pets are the same rank as the user as long as they are linked via clan.
Clan based pets however stop ranking at A-rank.


Name: The name of the pet
Animal Type: What type of animal is the pet?
Appearance: At least one paragraph detailing what your creature looks like or an image will suffice. Big images are to be put in spoiler tags and images extending the page should just be linked.
Rank: The rank of the pet [Must be equal to 2 ranks under the user]
Owner: Link to and name of Owner
History: History of the animal [minimum one paragraph (150 words)]

Animal's Natural abilities: State what the animal can naturally do.
Clan Based?: If it is please link the clan
Abilities: This section is for those animals that are clan based. They are the ones that can utilize chakra to make jutsu's so state the jutsu's here and any chakra based abilities the animal may have.

[b][u]Animal Type:[/u][/b]

[b][u]Animal's Natural abilities:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Clan Based?:[/u][/b]


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