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Mission Creation Guide

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Mission Creation guide

People who can make missions:

Kages ~ A Kage of a village is able to make generic missions for there village. They can also make High Priority Missions and assign Jounin or a group of Chunnin to do them.

Jounin Sensei ~ Jounin who are a sensei of a team can create missions for them and their genin to go on.

You ~ Yes, you the member can create missions too. What we ask though is when you create missions you make them strictly 'Generic' unless the mission will help the plot progress. Do not make missions for yourself or your own teammates unless you are the Jounin Sensei. The staff truly would appreciate any missions created. All mission created will need our approval before anyone may go on them

How to apply for missions:
If you wish to apply for a mission go here and use the Mission Request Template. When you post it up we will then look it over and give you a mission based on what you requested. If we do not have a mission at this time that meets what you are asking for then please bare with us. We will get you one as soon as we can.

If you are a Jounin Sensei requesting to make a custom mission then you may use the mission template below. Simply copy and paste that, add in your info, and post it up. Your mission will then be looked over and if it is accepted then we will post 'Approved'. Otherwise we will work with you if we see any issues.

Now onto the mission Guide:

Name: A good mission name should be short and sweet but essentially explain the nature of the mission.

Good examples:
Hunting down Traitors ~ Showing that the person assigned to this mission will be hunting down either traitors to the village or missing nin.

Dog walking ~ Again showing that the person assigned to this will be walking dogs.

Bad examples:
I'm going to refrain from filling this out since if I do I might put down something insulting just use common sense please.

Rank: This is the obvious rank of the mission stated by letters D-S. D missions being simple almost menial chores to S being something that comes with a high importance and risk to the person doing the missions life.
Custom or generic: Self explanatory
Participants: Name the people that can take this mission or who are taking this mission. [If its a generic mission then put the village its for and what rank if its a custom place who is going on it]


Primary: This is your primary objective on this mission what is the main thing you are setting out to accomplish?

Secondary: This is any secondary objectives that you may also want to achieve.
Description: This is the plan of what should happen and what you are essentially going to be doing its an outline to use while during the mission and helping the mods to judge wether you completed the mission. Please go in depth here.

ETFC Or estimated time for completion. This is how much time this mission will most likely take IC and a rough estimate of real time till completion.

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