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Mission Grading System

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Mission Grading

6 Primary Areas: - Broken Down for Better Understanding
- Objectives
Simply put, this is how many objectives the RPer managed to fulfill. Missions generally have Two Objectives here: a Primary and a Secondary (with various additional ones occasionally). This is perhaps the easiest Area to gain a 5 in if the RPer meets all of the objectives.

- Legibility
Basically, this involves sentence structure, punctuation, and grammar alongside of the usage of BB Codes because if you can't read the RP or find it hard to read there should be points deducted and vice versa. I'd say 5 would only be possible if A) The RPer is an English fanatic and knows every single rule there is to know AND knows how to use codes pretty easily. or B) The person grading just doesn't catch any errors at all.

- Realism
More or less... this involves the 'how' part of the mission. They could meet the objectives and fail this part simply because they do the impossible. Not only do members have to comply with SR Rules, but also with Modernist Narutoism (see below) in order to make their RPs plausible. I'd say 5 would also be pretty hard to get since Naruto is always... well questionable and no one really knows -everything- about the RW and how it correlates to the NW, even with the Internet.

- Teamwork
Debatable, but necessary. Missions aren't just there to increase the village's wealth, they're also there to serve as training purposes (and likely a way to grade how well a sensei is teaching his students). It sounds like only something for Genin Teams, but Chuunin/Jounin need to be able to work together as well and it's not until Genin become Chuunin that they really begin to work with other ninja outside of their team (Just think about it... it's true in a way.) and beginning to work on outside relations to other villages. And Jounin, of course, need to be able to deal with not only their equals but those less than them (aka working with Chuunin/Genin) who will make mistakes and hinder the mission. (See, it does make sense!) This can also be applied OOC since we also want our members to be able to be at relative peace with each other. 1 or 2 should be impossible here unless the RPers all just decide to botch the mission and attack each other.

- Growth
Also debatable, but necessary. In the NW ninjas can learn as many techniques as they want... but until they actually put them to use outside of training it they don't really know how it's going to work. Logically they can go "Well if I attack with this then this happens." but there are outside forces. Imagine Sasuke trying to use Chidori on a near frictionless force... even with Sharingan and a high enough speed for it... he's going to be sliding all over the place. Or Naruto fighting someone who's constantly bombarding him with attacks... his clones are going to keep disappearing before they can properly help him make Rasengan happen. In other words, this area deals with the RPer's character learning how to not only fight, but also socialize with others. You HAVE to learn something from a mission. Otherwise, what's the point? How do you gain experience in using jutsu and fighting ninja? How do you start to figure out which people are dangerous or easy wins? It should be impossible for anyone to make a 1 or 2 here... If they do, they need some RP help.

- Re-readability
Simple: How many times do you want to read this? The more creative and unique the mission is, the more times you'd be willing to read it. The less creativity/uniqueness is applied... the less you want to read it. 1 or 2 is pretty much given if you're literally sitting there forcing yourself to read it.

This is a bonus category. If we feel your work is something that we would love to re-read over and over again then you may earn possible bonus points. Mind you, this category is very hard to achieve.

Each area is on a five point scale with 1 being the worse possible grade and 5 being the best. 1s are given for outright failing and not even trying. 2s are given for general failure, but it’s evident that the RPers at least tried. 3s are average, meaning they pass the mission, but just barely or with the bare requirements. 4s are decent, given for those who not only pass the mission, but go above what is asked for or at least attempts to do this and it is evident, they make good examples for what RPers should try to get their RPs to look like. 5s are, of course, the best and are given not only because they meet every single part of the mission from letter to letter, but because they also make the mission unique and enjoyable to read more than once.

1s and 2s are made to be near impossible to fail. If they are given the RPer should take note that they might want to request some RP Advice/Tips/Help or that if they're too lazy to bother trying, they shouldn't do the mission in the first place.

3s and 4s are averagish and meant to be more readily accomplished for those that actually try and invest time on missions. Most RPers should get these for most of the areas with exceptions in a few.

5s are rare in most cases (made to be near impossible in mind) and something RPers should be proud of making. It shows they've reached a new level of RPing.

Modernist Narutoism:
A melding of the Real World and the Naruto World. i.e. How people can walk on water/trees/walls with chakra in NW, but even so, are limited by how high/far they can go by RW limits such as stamina and oxygen levels. So, a ninja from Suna who is not used to the high altitudes and lower oxygen levels of Kumo could visit Kumo, but would be unlikely to climb up their buildings just as easily as local Kumo nin and even if they did climb the buildings, they would more than likely not be able to go as high up.

OR, say someone is using chakra to increase a sword’s damage/range and attacks their opponent head on, with both hands firmly grasped on the hilt, ten meters away, would not be able to use his ‘ninja speed’ to quickly change his path of attack if his opponent dodges the attack, since its from so far away; nor could he justify himself being able to stop himself and change the attack altogether right before he hits his opponent.

OR to put it in simple terms: Just because you are a ninja in the NW, which allows for most of the impossible in the RW to be possible, does not mean you move at the speed of light, carry two cars as if they were feathers, fall through glass without getting a scratch, stay under water for five days without dying, or go to outer space/earth’s core and live to tell the tale without so much as a scratch… and not drop a sweat at all while doing all of this at the same time while being on the other side of the world too.

1 // Failed // RPer did not try to meet any of the objectives of the mission at all, not even trying. (Likely to be that they did not understand what the mission itself was about.)

2 // Failed // RPer tried to meet the objectives of the mission, but still ultimately failed. (Likely to be that they understood parts of the mission but not the overall thing.)

3 // Pass // RPer met the Main Primary Objective of the mission, but didn’t meet the Secondary Objective, not even trying to meet it. (Likely to be that they understood what the mission called for, but were simply too lazy/tired to complete it all the way.)

4 // Pass // RPer met the Main Primary Objective of the mission and attempted to meet the Secondary Objective, but failed at it overall. (Likely to be that they understood what the mission called for, tried to accomplish the other tasks, but could not think of a proper way to do so or simply gave up because of laziness/tiredness, or being out right bored of the mission.)

5 // Pass // RPer met both the Main Primary Objective and Secondary Objective successfully. (Likely to be that they understood what the mission called for and were willing to challenge themselves to the task at hand.)

1 // Failed // RPer failed to do any sort of proof-reading, spell-checking, or previewing of their posts, making it practically impossible to read. (Likely to be that they simply didn’t care at all, or lack any understanding of grammar and BB Codes.)

2 // Failed // RPer attempted to do some editing, proof-reading, spell-checking, or previewing of their posts, but is minimal and still hard to read and understand. (Likely to be that they didn’t care very much, or lack an understanding of grammar and BB Codes.)

3 // Pass // RPer demonstrates that they did at least one and some of the following: proof-reading, spell-checking, or previewing their posts, making their posts legible enough to read and understand general concepts after reading their posts a few times. (Likely to be that they did care, but lack a proper understanding of grammar or BB Codes.)

4 // Pass // RPer demonstrates that they did at least two of the following: proof-reading, spell-checking, or previewing their posts, making their posts mostly legible to read and understand without the need to re-read it more than once or twice. (Likely to be that they cared and have a decent knowledge of grammar or BB Codes.)

5 // Pass // RPer demonstrates that they proof-read, spell-checked, and previewed their posts, making their posts entirely legible and easy to understand from one reading. (Likely to be that they care, have a higher understanding of grammar and BB Codes.)

1 // Failed // RPer may have completed or failed the actual mission itself… but how they RPed their mission is not believable or plausible when it comes to Modernist Narutoism, no matter how kick-ass, badass, awesome shiz is there and they are completely OOC. (Likely they just did this for the heck of it… or they have no understanding what-so-ever about the NW and even the basics of the RW and probably didn't create their character themselves.)

2 // Failed // RPer may have completed or failed the actual mission itself… but how they RPed their mission is mostly unbelievable or implausible; though it’s evident they did try to make it work and tried to stay in character. (Likely they didn’t really care… or they have very minimal understanding about how the NW works and how the RW works and may have only created small parts of their character.)

3 // Pass // RPer may have completed or failed the actual mission itself… but how they RPed their mission is generally believable and plausible with some doubts here and there and they're able to stay in character most of the time. (Likely they know the basics of the NW or RW, but lack a proper understanding and are forgetful of who their character is.)

4 // Pass // RPer may have completed or failed the actual mission itself… but how they RPed their mission is mostly believable and plausible with a few doubts and they're mostly in character with little outside interferences. (Likely that they know a decent amount about the NW or RW, but are unfamiliar with some subjects and mix up a few details of their character.)

5 // Pass // RPer may have completed or failed the actual mission itself… but how they RPed their mission is believable and plausible with next to no doubts and it's clearly evident that they stayed IC throughout. (Likely that they have a very high understanding of how the NW and RW works. MAKE THESE PEOPLE MODS OVER JUTSU! They also know their own character very well.)

1 // Fail // RPer failed to work with other RPers at all, IC or OOC, even instigating unnecessary conflicts that hinder the mission by OOC means (i.e. flaming, provocation, abuse, etc.). (Likely that they have personal issues against the other RPers or simply like to cause trouble…)

2 // Fail // RPer attempted to work with other RPers, either IC or OOC, but it is evident that no real teamwork is present. (Likely that they have some personal issues against the other RPers or simply don’t care…)

3 // Pass // RPer manages to work together with other RPers to carry out the mission IC and OOC, but for the most part, each RPer is generally doing their own thing, i.e. Team 7 when they first went on missions where Naruto wants to be the Hero and fails, Sakura is trying to appear strong in front of Sasuke and hates how Naruto is acting but doesn’t really do anything, and Sasuke is the one who thinks he’s better than everyone but usually manages to help out Naruto and finish the mission with some help from Sakura. (Likely that RPers don’t know one another and are still getting a feel for what their RP Styles are like.)

4 // Pass // RPer manages to work together with other RPers to carry out the mission IC and OOC with near perfect execution with few problems or difficulties, and are using each other’s abilities to properly complete the mission but not to their maximum potential. (Likely that RPers are familiar with one another and willing to work together, but are unable to see how each member can contribute to the mission or are simply too lazy to put forth the effort.)

5 // Pass // RPer manages to work together with other RPers to carry out the mission IC and OOC with little or no difficulties and they are using each other’s abilities to the fullest in such a way that not only is the mission being carried out more smoothly, but they are also honing their own skills and potentially learning new ones. (Likely that RPers are familiar with one another and willing to work together and put forth the effort.)

1 // Fail // No combat or social skills are utilized in any manner asides from basic, mundane ones. (i.e. Useless, small talk or simple punches/kicks one at a time without them being linked in chains or even used effectively.

2 // Fail // Some combative/social skills are utilized but are still rather mundane. (i.e. Attempts to do more than small talk, but still mostly small talk. Physical attacks are becoming linked or used more effectively, but they’re still pretty basic and simple. Some chakra based attacks are utilized, but only Academy Techniques in a rather simplistic way. Ex: Konohamaru first meeting Naruto and trying to beat him up.)

3 // Pass // Combative/social skills generally utilized throughout more so than the mundane. (i.e. Actual conversations pass that delve a little into the character’s personality/history or the character is mentally stressed but manages to deal with some of it. Physical moves are utilized together in various sequences or manners to accomplish the character’s goal in an effective manner. Chakra based attacks are also utilized fairly well. Overall, the ninja uses their skills fairly well, but fail to challenge themselves by using their skills in a new or more advanced fashion. Ex: Sakura vs Ino in Preliminary Chuunin Exams.)

4 // Pass // Combative/social skills are utilized throughout the RP with few references to the mundane or fluff. (i.e. Character’s personality/history is explored more and they manage to deal with most of the mental stress they get, perhaps even getting over some parts of it. Physical moves are utilized effectively and in a different mannerism than expected. Chakra based attacks are also used well and in new ways. Overall, the ninja not only uses their skills well but also manage to use their skills in a new, unexpected fashion that improves their individual skills. Ex: Naruto vs Neji in Chuunin Exams.)

5 // Pass // Combative/social skills are utilized throughout the RP with little or no mundane filler. (i.e. Character’s personality/history not explored but perhaps also expanded and changed as is natural in the RW. Attacks, physical or chakra based, are both used to their maximum potential interlinked unconditionally and in new/advanced forms. Overall, the ninja is not only using their skills to the max, but also challenging themselves to keep modifying their present skills in addition to trying to learn or develop new ones. Ex: Can’t think of one… -.-‘ Only ones I can think of are maybe… Lee vs Gaara in Preliminary Chuunin Exams or Naruto vs Ichibi Gaara in the Sound Invasion Arc.)

Re-Readability *Bonus Category*
1 // Fail // RPer fails to add any personal touch to the mission and completes/fails it in the simplest way possible, making reading the actual work a bore in of itself.

2 // Fail // RPer attempts to personalize the mission and make it unique, but ultimately it is still rather simplistic and a bore to read.

3 // Pass // RPer makes the mission unique by adding interesting details here and there, sparking interest every now and then, despite there still being a simple undertone throughout most of the RP. (Ex: ‘Cinderella’ and Cinderella Variants. You read one story and you could just read the summary or a few lines of another story similar to it and already know what’s going to happen. The only thing that really interests you is how the author decides to write the story. Other than that, it’s the same thing over and over and over again. You’d probably never read the same story twice.)

4 // Pass // RPer manages to make the mission rather unique with near constant interest throughout the RP though there are still snippets of a generic mission going.

5 // Pass // RPer makes the mission unique throughout the RP with little to no simple undertones. (Ex: I can think of things for this… but I don’t think you’d guys would know what I’m talking about… that and people aren’t exactly a fan of long novels with small print…)


Once you have been graded for each area we will then add the points up. For each category you can obtain a 1 - 5. Each of these numbers mean you get a certain number of DP. 1 point will give you 0 DP because you failed that category. From there it goes like this:

1 - 0 pts
2 - .5 pts
3 - 1 pts
4 - 1.5 pts
5 - 2 pts

Once the number of points have been calculated we will then times that number by the mission rank. This is how much we multiply per rank.

D rank x.5
C rank x1
B rank x1.5
A rank x2
S rank x2.5

So say you managed to achieve a 5 for all five categories on a D rank misson. This means you will get 2 points each (2 x 5) which leaves you with 10 points. We will then times this amount by .5 (10 x .5) which grants you 5 points earned. Say you also earned the re-read bonus (+2), that leaves you with a maximum of 7 points you can earn.

Here is the Max Amounts - With RR bonus | Without RR bonus
D max - 05 | 07
C max - 10 | 12
B max - 15 | 17
A max - 20 | 22
S max - 25 | 27

Important Note: One more way to achieve bonus points is completing a mission before the deadline. Say your deadline was 5 days and you completed it in 3, you would have 2 days left. For each day you have left you will earn .5 points. Therefore you would automatically gain 1 point before we even started grading. [This excludes solo missions due to how easy it is to cheat]

I understand this looks like a lot but trust us. Just fill out the template and we will take care of the rest!


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