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Mission System

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Mission System

Mission System Pbucket
In addition to acting as the army for their country, the ninja village also acts as a business. Each day clients will come to the village and pay for the services of the ninja. These jobs can range from the mundane (walk the feudal lord's dog), to the assassination of deadly wanted criminals. As needed the Kage or Jounin master of a Genin team can assign missions in furtherance of a duty to the country that are unpaid.

Mission Rank

These jobs are thus divided into difficulty ranks of S, A, B, C and D and then given to ninja based on their ability. If the mission is completed successfully, the client will then pay the village.

D Rank ~ The easiest and least deadly jobs are given to the Genin, these are called "D-Rank". The D-Rank missions also help to build teamwork skills among the new Ninja Academy graduates. D-Rank are therefore non-combat with low pay.

C Rank ~ The "C-Rank" missions will be given to Chuunin and skilled Genin. These include protective escorts and missions with some chance of bodily harm. It can include capturing wild animals and mine clearing.

B Rank ~ "B-Rank" missions will be given to Special Jounin and Chuunin. These also include protective escort, gathering foreign intelligence and killing of ninja. Open battle is generally not an issue during this mission type. The next highest rank missions.

A Rank ~ "A-Rank" missions are given to Jounin and Special Jounin. These include vital missions between nations, escorting VIPs and maneuvers against offensive ninja forces. Thus these missions will almost always involve combat and risk of death.

S Rank ~ At the highest and most dangerous is "S-rank", given to Jounin. These missions include assassination of important persons, transporting classified documents and materials. With the extreme danger comes a very high rate of pay.

Types of Missions

Destroy ~ The general purpose of these missions are to completely ruin a certain object.

Search ~ The purpose of these missions are to locate a certain object or person.

Escort ~ The purpose of these missions are to accompany an individual (Usually the client) in order to make sure they safely reach their destination.

Task ~ These missions are generally your average D Rank, involving offering manual labor to assist the client.

Rescue ~ The purpose of these missions are to save and/or retrieve an allied individual(s).

Back-up ~ The purpose of these missions are to accompany another team on their mission should they require assistance.

Training ~ The general purpose of these missions are to help the mission taker(s) hone their skills.

Protection ~ The purpose of these missions are to guard a specific object(s) or person(s) to keep them from being damaged, attacked, stolen/kidnapped,
or injured.

Spy ~ The purpose of these missions are to gather information on a certain village/individual/object/etc.

Assassination ~ The purpose of these missions are to ensure the death of an individual.

Capture ~ The purpose of these missions are to retrieve an object/individual/etc.

Before The Mission

First and foremost, before choosing and embarking on your mission, any C+ Rank missions require Kage/Admin/Mission Mod approval (Post mission description in the mission section and approval process/monitor selection shall commence). After that is over with, a staff member will be chosen to play the mission's NPC(s) (If required) and monitor/evaluate said mission. Usually, any mission above C Rank will have at least one NPC for an individual who isn't a part of the mission to play as om order to add a sense of realism to the field, hence the reason approval prior to the mission's initiation.

Note: If mission is D Rank, approval is not required nor is the external use of NPC(s). Just post a topic with the mission's description in the opening post

During The Mission

Once the selection and approval process is dealt with, the actual mission itself shall go underway, which basically consists of you/your team role-playing the events of the mission and ensuring that the mission's objective is complete


- You must start your Mission within 72 hours after approval is given

- Though there is no minimum requirement for each member to post, the mission must be complete within the time limit or it will be immediately voided. (Extensions may be granted based on dedication/reasoning)

After The Mission

Once your mission is over, you/your team will report to your kage and will receive an evaluation by your assigned monitor to see whether the mission's completed and calculate your DP gain based on time, creativity, sufficiency and mission rank.

Note: No mission will be used twice as the mission board will be updated with new missions once the mission count starts to lower.

Another thing to keep in mind is the down time your character will need before embarking on another mission. To prevent people from completing 5+ missions in one day we have set an OOC limiter. This means that after you go on a mission you have to wait a certain amount of real time days before going on another mission. Here is the limiter scale.

D - 1 days
C - 2 days
B - 3 days
A - 4 days
S - 5 days

Ex. If you go on a C rank you will then have to wait 2 days in real world (ooc) time before you go on a D rank.

The only exception to this rule is custom plot based missions due to how important it is to keep a plot moving.

Mission Request Template

In case there is a shortage of missions that haven't been posted up yet or you simply find the missions that you see quite boring, a mission request template has been constructed so that any member can get the ideal mission they're looking for. Any shinobi can request a mission so feel free to give it a shot. Simply post the information, using the template below, in the mission creation section and an admin/mod will have a mission created for you within an average of about 24 hours.

Rank: The level of difficulty for the mission, this will be the determining factor of what shinobi can and cannot be in the mission as well as the number of points gained for it.

Type: The general structure of the mission, this will be the determining factor of the mission objective(s).

Participants (Optional): The number of participants as well as the rank of said participants requesting for this mission, this may be another determining factor for the mission's level of difficulty.

[b][u]Type: [/u][/b]
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