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Chakra System

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1Chakra System Empty Chakra System on Sat Apr 14, 2012 10:38 am


If you're trying to rp in a Naruto world we're assuming you know what chakra is, so there won't be any explanation as to that. Anyway below we have a few charts/lists/whatever you feel like calling them. The first one is organized by rank of character and then by the ranks of jutsu. Basically that rank of character can use that many of that ranks jutsu before running out or chakra.

Kage: E-Rank:768, D-Rank:192, C-Rank:96, B-Rank:48, A-Rank:24, S-Rank:8
Legendary: E-Rank:576, D-Rank:144, C-Rank:72, B-Rank:36, A-Rank:18, S-Rank:6
Adv. Jounin: E-Rank:384, D-Rank:96, C-Rank:48, B-Rank:24, A-Rank:12, S-Rank:4
Jounin: E-Rank:256, D-Rank:64, C-Rank:32, B-Rank:16, A-Rank:8, S-Rank:2
Special Jounin: E-Rank:160, D-Rank:40, C-Rank:20, B-Rank:10, A-Rank:5, S-Rank:0
Chuunin: E-Rank:112, D-Rank:28, C-Rank:14, B-Rank:6, A-Rank:3, S-Rank:0
Exp. Genin: E-Rank:80, D-Rank:20, C-Rank:10, B-Rank:5, A-Rank:0, S-Rank:0
Genin: E-Rank:64, D-Rank:16, C-Rank:8, B-Rank:0, A-Rank:0, S-Rank:0
Academy Student: E-Rank:24, D-Rank:6, C-Rank:3, B-Rank:0, A-Rank:0, S-Rank:0

Let it be known: that just because 8 S ranks may be a availabile to you, it does not mean you are capable of using 8 S rank juts and then 24 A rank jutsu. The system adds to itself, meaning you would be able to use 3 S ranks and 15 A ranks before being exhausted of chakra. [See the list Below]

Chakra Amount Scaling System:
3 E ranks: 1 D rank
2 D ranks: 1 C rank
2 C ranks: 1 B rank
2 B ranks: 1 A rank
3 A ranks: 1 S rank

NOTE: Due to fairness sake, Taijutsu and Weaponry techniques that do not take chakra will still deduct from the over all amount of chakra a character has. This is because creating a stamina system would create too much confusion and make everything more complicated than necessary

Tip: If you want a way to keep track of your chakra, but don't want to actually write it down, a good way to do so would be to keep track of it in a spoiler after each post.


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