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Tensou Chakra Seal

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Seal Name: Tensou Seal/Tensou Chakra Seal (Tensou meaning Transferred, so it's the transferred chakra seal)
Wearer: None Currently
Rank: A
Appearance: When it's not activated the seal appears as a black ring with four black "spikes" coming out of the ring where, if the circle had been a square, the corners would have appeared.
When in it's active stage flame like patterns appear around the ring and spikes, such as in the picture in the following link.
Location of Seal: Wherever the creator decides to place it
Positive Effects: Increased Chakra amounts, possibly a change in chakra nature (though this is rare), increased stamina
Negative Effects: possibility foreign chakra could be rejected which would end in death for the wearer, a supply (albeit a small amount, it still is used) of the wearer's chakra is constantly needed to "feed" the seal, keeping the foreign chakra sealed.
Transformation Effect: no transformation occurs to the wearer but the seal itself changes when in use. See the description above for the active and resting stages.
Seal Info: The seal is used to seal a different person's chakra into another person or animal (although it is most commonly used on humans). The seal "transfers" the chakra of the one creating the seal and seals some of their own chakra within. This sealed chakra is then accessible to the wearer to use and can be activated through Kai release. This transfered chakra is then able to renew itself within the seal with time after each use (this chakra renews itsef much faster than that stored within the Karita Seal). As for the person who created the seal, their chakra that was placed in the seal will not return with time. There are however certain cautions when creating such a seal. Foreign chakra to the body can be rejected and cause severe pain or even death to the wearer, thus it is recommended that when creating the seal only those with the same chakra nature as the wearer create this seal. If the chakra nature is different then there is a higher chance of the body rejecting it. If however the body accepts the different chakra nature then the wearer will be able to use that nature during the time the seal is activated. The Tensou Seal can be used to seal much larger amounts of chakra than that of the Karita Seal.


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