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Chakra Pool Expansion: Tailed Beast-size

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Elite ANBU
Name: [Does it have a name? Kakuzu's rare ability was called Jiongu] Chakra Pool Expansion: Tailed Beast-size
Type: [Deidara's rare ability would be ninjutsu. What's yours?] A mix between Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu
Rank: [On a scale of E-S, it's overall ability is what rank?] S

Abilities Gained: [Give us detailed information..] This jutsu only works once. It is used to greatly expand one's chakra pool.

Disadvantages: [Here you need to explain in detail all of the disadvantages.] There are no real disadvantages.. Other than the strain of being able to use so much chakra in a battle on one's body. On more advanced shinobi this disadvantage isn't as prevalent. But on an inexperienced shinobi, using anymore chakra than the chakra the shinobi started out with can be harmful to the body, due to one's body not being accustomed to that level of chakra.

Other Effects: [Explain how it acts on other things, like appearance and personality, or any others you can think of.] This jutsu requires a seal. It basically seals more chakra into one's body, allowing for a bigger chakra pool. The chakra can be picked out just like one's own chakra, and used however the user sees fit. The chakra replenishes itself normally just like any chakra. Still outside chakra on one's body can be dangerous, and if the user isn't accustomed can be harmful and even make the user sick or worse. Still when the user becomes accustomed then they have more chakra and are an improved shinobi.

Accepting foreign chakra into one's body holds a variety of unknown effects. (Plottage insue).

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