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Ikeda Clan

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Name: Ikeda Clan
Founder: Kaemon Ikeda
Location: Land of Wind
Current Clan Leader: None
Clan Members: Shichirou
Open/Closed: Ask to join.

History: The Ikeda Clan is a clan that was at the very beginning of the shinobi age. But since then has all but vanished completely. Kaemon founded it on the day of an Eclipse, with a hope that the Eclipse would provide good-luck for his clan to keep it prosperous and forever-living. In a way it could be said his ritualistic founding worked. The Ikeda clan was once a very prosperous clan, which would have made Kaemon very proud. They were known all across the shinobi world for their incredible rice, and were the number 1 exporter of rice. The Ikedas were also known to be very powerful shinobi. In fact their strength not only was said to rival that of the Senjus and Uchihas, that many even claimed they surpassed even those two great Fire Nation clans.

Indeed the Ikeda were powerful. Due to their - frankly - quite insane Kekkei Genkai. Their Kekkei Genkai has come to be known as the Blood Eclipse. A throwback to the legend of how their clan was formed. For when an Ikeda activates their Kekkei Genkai that is the end. An eclipsing and overwhelming defeat. Due to their very dangerous Kekkei Genkai, the Ikeda provided the Land of Wind with a very powerful and dangerous ally. So together, a few nations momentarily gathered up a strong force of their shinobi. And together those few nations invaded the Land of Wind with the sole purpose to kill off the Ikeda Clan. Much like we know of the Uchiha clan, the Ikeda Clan was slaughtered. They probably could have lived due to their Kekkei Genkai, but the Ikeda were also scared of their bloodline limit, and most refused to use it to defend themselves.

So in the end the Ikeda were successfully wiped out. Still.. there remains a few Ikeda in the world. Even the Kazekage is a surviving Ikeda Clan member.
Special Info: As the clan is supposedly wiped out. There aren't many openings for Ikeda Clan members.. No rankings, no clan leader. Nothing like that. The clan's Kekkei Genkai is called "Blood Eclipse".

Requirements: As previously stated, there is not many openings to join the clan.. Still, if you make a compelling argument there may be exceptions. The Ikeda are a powerful Clan, so I want others to enjoy their Kekkei Genkai, but I don't want them to overpopulate the place since it would be unfair.
Current Members: Shichirou Ikeda

Name of the Kekkei Genkai: Blood Eclipse
Type of Kekkei Genkai: Ninjutsu
Rank: S

Description: Blood Eclipse is the name of the Ikeda Clan's bloodline limit. It literally does what its name says. The Ikeda uses his/her blood in combat in various and devastating ways. For the easiest way to use their blood in combat, the Ikeda merely has to be injured to where their blood is drawn. They can then freely control their blood (like Kimimaro can control his bones). Blood techniques can resemble many many techniques, such as Kimimaro's bone Kekkei Genkai, or even like the Nara Clan's shadow jutsus. They can appear to be like many other jutsus, but that is only the beginning. The more blood drawn from the Ikeda, the stronger the Ikeda user and the stronger their blood jutsus become. So drawing more blood not only powers up the Ikeda, but makes them enrage and become animalistic in their attacks to the point where they become extremely dangerous due to their more reckless and outrageous attacks.

Basically, the more blood from the Ikeda, the better. Ikeda have been known to go on a rampage. This is why the their Kekkei Genkai is called "Blood Eclipse", due to the red that encompasses the entire battlefield when an Ikeda uses their Kekkei Genkai to their fullest extent. Still, this can be a very dangerous technique to the Ikeda themselves. I don't need to spell out the danger of using up all your blood... And strangely enough an Ikeda can only control their own blood. Not to mention the wounds needed to even use this ability. Those wounds don't disappear when their ability activates. Their blood basically combines with their chakra. The bigger the chakra pool, the better the control over their blood.


Name of Jutsu: Unending Fury
Rank: A
Users: Ikeda Clan
Type of Jutsu: Nintaijutsu
Range: user and all around
Element Affinity:
Description: When a Ikeda has acquired enough blood to become momentarily enraged.

Name of Jutsu: Rage Tendrils
Rank: B
Users: Ikeda
Type of Jutsu: Ninjutsu
Range: as far as the blood can reach.. depending on how much is out
Element Affinity:
Description: Various numbers of blood-tentacles extend out and can do any number of things. Such as swiping and hitting, to cutting, to ensaring, basically whatever the user decides for them to do.

Name of Jutsu: Blood Cloak
Rank: S
Users: Ikeda Clan
Type of Jutsu: Nintaijutsu
Range: user
Element Affinity:
Description: The blood seeps from the wound and wraps itself around the Ikeda. It can literally form into anything the Ikeda thinks up. It provides a thick substance and can be used to ward off attacks. The blood can move seemingly on its own, leaving the ninja standing completely still if he/she wants.

Name of Jutsu: Indescribable Rage (Or sometimes referred to as "Tailed Beast Rampage"
Rank: S
Users: Ikeda Clan
Type of Jutsu: Nintaijutsu
Range: Everywhere
Element Affinity:
Description: The Ikeda looses all control and becomes a "tailed beast". Pretty much all the blood exits the Ikeda body and goes on a total rampage. At this point, the Ikeda has basically no control whatsoever, and usually cannot distinguish between friend or foe. When the aftermath of this is over, the Ikeda is either half-dead or dead. The place around appears to have been attacked by a Tailed-Beast, which is where the nickname for this Rage comes from. Most average ninja cannot survive this rampage.

Clan Special Characteristics: The number one defining characteristic of the Ikeda Clan, is a pupiless eye that is usually solemn or soft looking; Usually blue as well, but not always. If the eye is red it means they cannot control their bloodline limit. Back when the Ikeda were a prosperous clan, any Ikeda with red eyes were forbidden to use their Kekkei Genkai. If they did they were immediately attacked by anyone in the clan, with the intent of killing the Ikeda with red-eyes. And usually those "bloodlust-eyes" (the red-eye Ikeda) that used their ability usually didn't survive anyways. Many Ikeda Clan members got various tribalistic tattoos. They often had short, tufts of soft-colored hair. Even females had one tuft of hair that they usually wore long, but it was still one tuft of hair. Aside from those characteristics, Ikeda were normally physically fit and above-average in strength. It was rare for a Ikeda not to become Jonin-level, even bloodlust-eyes could easily become Jonin-level without the use of their bloodline limit.

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