Welcome to Shinobi reality V2 (verson 2). Shinobi Reality is a RolePlaying site based on the manga & anime Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. This is the beginning of the second Shinobi Reality chronicles, a forum always happy to see new members and shinobi

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Getting started Guide AKA the tutorial!

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1Getting started Guide AKA the tutorial!  Empty Getting started Guide AKA the tutorial! on Fri Apr 13, 2012 12:12 pm


First of all Welcome to Shinobi Reality V2! we're really excited to see new members joining our ranks! There is a fair amount of reading to do, but without this, the Naruto world as we know it would be thrown into confusion. So please read all the pages and if need be refer back to them later on in life. If you look below and follow the steps, by the end you should be able to just jump right in and start rping with very few to no questions or confusions! If you do however end up with a few feel free to contact any of the staff, I know we would all be more than happy to help you! so shall we get started?

1) The first step here is to read our basic rules and about the infraction system. You can do that here.

2) Next of course would be to familiarize yourself with our roleplaying rules. This can be done here.

3) I know you're probably sick of reading rules, but there's one more page. Our General Rules. After this page you'll be ready to learn about the specifics of rping here on Shinobi Reality. Link

4) Now we can finally move on to the good stuff. Follow the given link and you'll be on your way to being promoted in the Naruto World! Link

5) Here you can find the Roleplaying Guide. It has some tips and suggestions to help make your rp experience better and more fun! ^_^

6) So now we know the rules, and the basics of roleplaying...now we get to learn all about chakra! Yay! In this link you'll learn all about how much chakra each rank receives and how this correlates with how many jutsu and what rank jutsu you can perform.

7) So while you're travelling through the Naruto World it is inevitable that one will come into contact with genjutsu at one point in their lives. Genjutsu can tend to be pretty confusing and thus this guide works to explain the use of and what to do when you encounter genjutsu.

8 ) as one advances through the ranks one also earns experience and strengths. Click here to learn all about specialities and their learning requirements.

9) Just like with specialities, training in the use of various elements for your ninjutsu also requires training. Click here to learn more!

10) If your character is a member of the Uchiha clan it would be a good idea to be updated and informaed about the ways to use and increase your skills of the sharingan. Even if your character isn't an Uchiha it would still be a good idea to read about the sharingan rules so that if you ever encounter the sharingan you'll be able to tell if your partner is following said rules or not. link

11) The almighty kkg. Some are born with it and some are not. But for those who are not yet still desire it, you must have a transplant. All the details are listed here for your convenience.

12) So now we're getting to the good stuff! Here you'll find the character creation template and guide, along with other important information to contemplate while creating a character.

13) Lastly check out the chain of command, so you can get a feel for the way the site is run. link

14) you should now be ready to go! Of course there are other features and stuff in Shinobi Reality but these are all the basics! You should be ready to make a character and jump on in!


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